It is used in buildings where entrance and exit circulation is intensive. At 5000 mm diameter door, 100 people can enter or exit per minute.

Details in passage capacities table…

Maxi automatic revolving door models which can be produced as three or fourwings in all dimensions between 4000 mm and 6000 mm and can be used with the center showcase. The centrally located showcase can be used as a display or advertising space.

According to door diameters,it is producible to entrance heights up to 2700 mm and canopy heights up to 1500 mm.

On maxi revolving doors; There are disabled button, emergency stop button, hand jamming sensors at each entrance of the door as an standard.

According to diameter and passage width; There are one or two radars on each side of the entrance and exit.
Details in passage capacities table…

Heel sensors and presence sensors are used as standard in the Maxi.revolving doors and a curtain sensor can be used top of the wing optionally.
Details in passage capacities table…

According to the need or demand,
As a security measure night shield,
The break-out wings which can provide panic exits and increase the richness of use,

Air curtain to obtain more efficiency in heat control and heat transmission,

Optional features can be added to enhance usage.

Control access solutions may be added to the system here

Portique de détection métaux